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Best of 2018


The heartbeat of this blog is the recipes and we’ve been going through this year’s posts to see which ones you, dear reader, have liked best.  Just as some writers like to tell “who done it” tales and others give advice, I get a buzz from sharing the dishes that work out in my kitchen.

Here are the recipes that drew the most attention.  Quick, easy, comforting and joyful they’re plant-based and boldly seasoned and wonderfully photographed by Mette Nielsen.

I was happily surprised that the Pickle Pearl Onions took the lead. So delicious and really pretty, pearl onions are always in season so this is a recipe to make year round. I like to have small jars on hand in the fridge to garnish a martini, set out on the cheese tray, and spoon onto hot dogs and brats.

Pickled pearl onions are great alongside my favorite winter supper, Smoky Tri-bean Sweet Potato Chili.  Those lush sweet potatoes make a perfect foil to the peppery heat and earthy beans.  It’s a great party dish to make this a day or two ahead so the seasonings marry. By the time your guests arrive, dinner is ready and you can join the fun. Serve this with another reader favorite, roasted cauliflower.

For too long, this versatile vegetable has been ignored, just now hitting its stride, knocking kale off the plate. It can be riced, or pressed into a crust, but I like it best roasted to a golden, slightly sweet fare-the-well.

Hungry yet? Get cooking, it’s going to be a very tasty year!

Photo by Mette Nielsen

Photo by Mette Nielsen

Photo by Mette Nielsen

Photo by Mette Nielsen

Photo by Mette Nielsen

Photo by Mette Nielsen