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In winter's kitchen

The explosive growth of the local food movement is hardly news: Michael Pollan’s books sell millions and the spread of farm-to-table restaurants is practically viral. But calls for a “food revolution” come most often from a region where the temperature rarely varies more than a few degrees. In the national conversation about developing a sustainable and equitable food tradition, the huge portion of our population who live where the soil freezes hard for months of the year feel like they're left out in the cold.

In Winter’s Kitchen reveals how a food movement with deep roots in the Heartland—our first food co-ops, most productive farmland, and the most storied agricultural scientists hail from the region—isn't only thriving, it's presenting solutions that could feed a country, rather than just a smattering of neighborhoods and restaurants. Using the story of one thanksgiving meal, Dooley discovers that a locally-sourced winter diet is more than a possibility: it can be delicious.



From Heavy Table:

“It’s a whole way of thinking about the whole food system, with every step taken into account,” Singleton says. “Was the food raised sustainably? Are the people who made it taken care of? Knowing each step of the way what happened — all that is part of good real food.”

Heavy TableThe cookbook, written with chef Marshall Paulsen and local food guru and writer Beth Dooley (above), includes profiles of many of the people — from Fischer Family Farms Pork to Ferndale Market to Whole Grain Milling. It’s a familiar trope now — know your farmer — but it’s not one we should tire of any time soon.

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From City Pages:

Can't bear to wait in line for another hour for a savory waffle (the Birchwood's wildfire cult favorite)? Fret no more. The recipe, plus a couple hundred others are now available in their first-ever cookbook to shelve in your very own kitchen.

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