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Eat Well, Eat Local



Beth and Lynne Rossetto Kasper

Beth and Lynne Rossetto Kasper



Ms. Dooley does much more than recycle familiar arguments for eating local; she personalizes the path from farm to fork with heart and skill. Unapologetically sentimental, deeply informative, and always practical, Dooley introduces us to traditional dairy owners, Hmong Sweet Potato growers, teenage turkey farmers and Ojibwa wild rice harvesters…. equal parts memoir, history and guidebook.
— J. Ryan Strandal, Wall Street Journal.

About beth

 Some people follow the hottest chefs and are eager to try every new restaurant. Me?  I love to cook. As a kid, I’d trail my grandmother to the New Jersey farms stands gathering sun-split tomatoes and toothsome peaches whose juices dripped down my arm. In high-school, I baked bread to sell at the gourmet shop in town and in grad school, I picked apples in a nearby orchard and baked pies for beer money. I'd devote Saturdays to whipping up Julia Child’s recipes making feasts for friends.

When my husband and I moved to Minneapolis, the farmers market tomatoes took me right back to my grandmothers kitchen. And I began to understand how local organic food and best practices affect our health, our water, our land, the way animals are treated and the importance of acknowledging how tough farming is. By getting to know the people who produce my food and sharing it with friends and family, I’ve come to know and love this place and call it home. And in raising three active sons, I quickly realized that the most delicious meals are crafted from the freshest, most seasonal ingredients, with very little effort from me.

Healthy is Always in Season!

Come on into the kitchen, for in the kitchen, we’re never alone. Every time I chop carrots and sizzle onions, I conjure the food writers, cookbook authors, my family, mentors, growers, chefs and friends who have guided my work. And meet Mette Nielsen, whose photos of food and farmers always inspire and delight. We met on Madeline Island, in the Apostles, in Lake Superior, where you’ll find the sweetest wild blueberries, the crispest apples, and the best freshwater fish. A master gardener and terrific cook, her edible backyard is the source for our best ingredients and they are the stars of  her work here.

Welcome to this blog and website, let me know what you think, ask questions and share ideas. I’d love to know, what are you going to cook?